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Search for text through any document even on closed ones. Integrated pdf parser.

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Ever expanding to support a wider array of features and settings.

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FastPdfKit can be used to delivery Magazines and Newspapers in NewsStand applications.

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Chances are if you are an iOS developer reading this page, you don’t yet know what FastPdf+ is or what it does. And if you’re still reading, chances are you want to find out. Simply put, FastPdf+ is the best and fastest PDF reader to be found on Apple’s mobile platforms, including Apple’s own iBooks reader. FastPdf+ is the flagship product of MobFarm, a group of developers based in Venice (that’s Italy, not Southern California). FastPdf+ is available from iTunes for $2.99. Choose it knowing that you’ll be getting the best PDF reader downloadable to your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

If you have been a user of iBooks and assuming it was good enough, you might wonder what the need is for another PDF reader. If that’s the case, you probably haven’t used iBooks for larger files.

We said it was the best: here’s our truth algorithm:

  1. Download FastPdf+ to your device.
  2. Run it.
  3. Compare it with iBooks or any other iOS PDF reader.

Be sure to use large documents, at least 14MB. Here the difference will be obvious: even a 20MB file with FastPdf+ will open nearly instantaneously.

The interface: tap, double-tap, swipe, pinch – everything you would expect from Apple’s iOS. With a finger you can sort your documents, read them in landscape or portrait mode, zoom, search and select, bookmark, adjust for brightness while reading, and also share, transfer, and synchronize through iTunes. For the complete list of features, go here. iTunes also offers a preview.

If you’re a developer looking for a PDF reader for your app, you already know that there are lots of PDF readers for the iPad/iPhone. And you know that they squew slow and kludgey and seem more representative of the PC world than Apple’s iOS.

You don’t want them in your own app. You also don’t want to code your own reader either. (Who’s got time for that?)

Providing a fast, customized PDF reader is the problem.

Our new kit-bag

The solution is FastPdfkit, a complete static library, sample code, and PDF parser that lets you embed a fast, professional, and thoroughly customized PDF reader into your own iOS 3.2 (and above) app.

PDF documents are the standard for print visualization, and a world-wide market of millions of customers expects continually better and more affordable ways to reduce or eliminate their paper, printers, copiers, and shippers. That an opportunity available for immediate attention.

Smile, smile, smile

We’re not just blowing smoke. FastPdf+ 3.0 was accepted by Apple just three hours after it was submitted.

Interested? Take a look at our upcoming Hub developer pages. And then join the gathering corps of developers and resellers already using FastPdfKit in their own apps. There were almost a thousand of them the last time we counted, scattered around (to mention a few) the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brasil, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, China, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Norway, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Malaysia.

See you there.


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